3-Gratitude Jar - Full

Start 2014 Off With A Gratitude Jar

1-Gratitude Jar

What’s a “Gratitude Jar”, you ask? Basically, everyday before going to bed, you take a piece of paper and write whatever good thing (or things) that happened to you that day. Then at the end of the year, you empty it and reminisce about all the awesome stuff that happened to you that year!


Really, just fill it with anything – Wake up not feeling like a total mess? Toss it in there. Did you have an awesome dream? Get writing. Someone at work says something nice about you? Write it down. Laugh at a YouTube video for the first time in weeks? Pen and paper out. Boyfriend cheats and leaves you? Great! He’s an idiot, anyway. Went to the dentist and had a root canal but the laughing gas made the whole ordeal worth it? Paper in the jar, pronto! Chair breaks while you’re in it and makes you look like a goofball in front of everyone? Yeah, definitely write that one down since guess what – you just made their day and you should be happy about it!

Life is always hard in some respect and if you don’t learn to savor the small joys and moments, then, you will never be happy. Remember – you don’t have to do something extraordinarily epic everyday. The point is to enjoy the little things in life and before you know it, your jar at the end of the year will look something like this:

3-Gratitude Jar - Full


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