The Hood Internet – Ignition (1901 Remix)

1-R. Kelly & Phoenix - Coachella

Let’s be honest – The Hood Internet – Ignition (1901 Remix) is the best mashup of 2013 and it’s not even debatable. When the whole mashup genre started gaining ground in the late 2000s with tunes like Smells Like Bootylicious and A Stroke of Genie-us, these unwitting collaboration by different artists have pricked the ears of music lovers worldwide in both curiosity and disdain.

Mashups push boundaries. They question traditional notions of creativity, originality, ownership, and even identity. Like a musical collage, the individual components stand on their own but when put together with a fresh ear, a whole new set of meanings emerge. The final product becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

2-R. Kelly & Phoenix - Coachella

These once interesting splices soon became drowned out, however, with the much simpler acapella rap verses over beat-matched instrumentals. The genre reached new heights when R. Kelly performed his 2003 hit, Ignition, with Phoenix’s own hit, 1901. As a final touch, Chicago native The Hood Internet recreated the experience for our listening pleasure to give us one of best mashups ever made!

Oh, and by the way, I bet you every DJ in the world had this tune in their playlist this past New Year’s Eve.


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