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The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House Review

The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House - Picture 1
The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House - Picture 2
The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House - Picture 3
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The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House is fully insulated and designed to provide cool during hot summer days and warmth during cold winter nights. One of the great things about this modern cat furniture is its outer shell. It’s made of sturdy high-quality 100% recycled plastic which, in turn, is constructed from recycled milk and detergent bottles. It features a removable roof that allows you to easily clean, inspect, and re-arrange the interior. The small entrance is another plus as it provides safe shelter for your pet or feral cat by preventing large animals (such as dogs) from entering. The interior is surprisingly roomy and allows up to three cats… provided they are all on good terms with each other, that is! This heated cat house also includes a custom machine-washable bed on top of the fully insulated floor. The whole construction is extremely durable and guaranteed for life to never chip, crack, or fade.

The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House - Features

If you’re one of those cat owners who, for one reason or another, don’t want their pet to live inside the house, this outdoor cat shelter is the perfect choice for you. In my case, I already have two dogs and two cats living inside the house so fully adopting a third cat is out of the question. Another issue is that my neighborhood is full of stray and feral cats, some of which beg to be let in and fed especially during rainy or snowy days. But as I kept refusing them, a few of them would eventually find their way to my balcony where they would sometimes leave muddy paw marks or even bloody remains of late night feasts all over my patio. I felt I had to provide them with some sort of better shelter and so when I read the many excellent reviews of people who had already bought this heated outdoor cat house, clicking the order button was a no-brainer.

The Kitty Tube arrived sooner than I had hoped and surprisingly looked so much better in person than in pictures or videos. I placed it in a sheltered part of my garden although I now realize there was no need for that as the interior is already well-insulated which keeps it warm and dry even after a whole day of heavy raining. The cats seemed a little suspicious and wary at first but on the fourth day of another rainstorm, I found two lovely cats snugly settled inside, licking and grooming themselves! I was so happy when I saw that because I made a great purchase and the cats loved it! As far as heated cat beds go, this is as cozy as it gets.

  • Comes in two versions – straw lining (for feral cats) & custom bed
  • Low-voltage heating pad provides extra warmth
  • Accommodates up to 3 adult cats
  • Styrofoam insulation
  • Small opening protects cats from bigger animals
  • Chemical-like smell for the first few days
  • Quite expensive
  • No escape (second) door
  • Tricky awning installation

If your cat loves to be outside or if you have feral cats that you want to provide care for, consider this amazing outdoor cat enclosure. I’m really happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend it to any cat lover. It’s very easy to keep clean and the included bed is quite nice and soft although you still might want to add extra (insulated) blankets on really cold or snowy days. My outdoor cats are now safe and happy and so am I thanks to The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House!

The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House - Review 1

The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House - Review 2

The Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House - Review 3


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  1. My husband and I take care of a few “feral” cats in our backyard. After our homemade shelters started to split apart (the plastic) , we decided to invest in the Kitty Tube last year. We were so pleased with its construction and look , we just purchased another one. The cats had no problem adapting to them. A wonderful product!

  2. Justinne Winn on

    I was concerned at first because my outside cat wouldn’t have anything to do with it, but once I took the heating pad out of it and just left the cushion, he went right in. Definitely will shield him from the elements and it is easy to open up and clean.

  3. My outdoor cat has wet fur. even when vents are fully open i am worried she will get sick this winter?

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