Wonder Woman

The Trouble With Making A Wonder Woman Movie

Wonder Woman

I feel that the moral of her character really has to be strong. That’s what bothers me about the Black Widow — she’s mostly just eye candy. To give the DC universe the gravitas it deserves, each character needs a lesson or motivation. Cases in point:

  • Superman shows us that we can be better; what man can become
  • Batman shows us complete devotion to what is right
  • The Green Lantern is about the power of will and other emotions
  • The Flash is about human kindness and concern for others that balances the Justice League and prevents them from turning into dictators
  • The Martian Manhunter (aka Cyborg) is about finding a family and home, hence becoming the main glue of the Justice League
  • Hawkgirl teaches us about betrayal and redemption

So what about Wonder Woman?

No matter how they choose to portray her, a large number of people will still complain. Make her Hollywood’s typical female lead? Fans will say that’s completely against her character. Make her what she is — a powerful Amazonian warrior-queen who takes no amount of bullshit from anyone? Wanna-be fans will accuse the studio of turning a woman into a man. Give her a male lead to fall for? Too much woman. Make her stand alone? She’ll look like a butch lesbian. Have her merciful to her enemies? Spineless woman. Maker her slaughter fools left and right like she does because she’s a God damn warrior? Too much of a bitch.

Truth is, Wonder Woman is about true strength. The women of Themyscira are isolationist. Wonder Woman breaks with that tradition because she believes she has a responsibility to be involved with the ongoings of the world. Accepting that responsibility requires true strength. She has this strength because she has the ability to accept others and help them find their own true strength.

If anything, they should just make the character as she is and tell everyone who whines to go fuck themselves (in addition, doing so will let them build up to a proper Justice League movie). It will be the greatest female-led superhero movie of all time if they can get the character right.


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