Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Spending Money


Don’t forget — you could die tomorrow and you can’t take your money with you.

You probably won’t and that’s why it’s important to plan and save for your future. But if you do save for your future at the complete expense of having fun or your current life experiences then you are doing yourself a huge disservice. I’ve known people who spent their entire lives saving, scrimping and saving, and saving and scrimping some more to no end. Every time the rest of us wanted to go out to dinner or have fun, nope, too expensive. Sorry, got to save.

Then they died. They worked their whole lives to save for something and then they died.

The key is all about balance — a give and take of saving and being responsible and making pre-planned, calculated, and budgeted purchases. Budget and save but don’t forget to budget for fun, too. Life doesn’t wait for you to save enough money for it so enjoy it while you can. If you went on a trip and your trip was all of those things, and as long as you could afford it, then there’s no need to feel guilty.

I admit — I’m a travel-fiend and it’s the number one thing I spend my money on. I know a lot of people are like me too but they feel guilty afterwards. But let me ask you this — if you hadn’t gone on that trip, what would you have spent your money on? If you still plan on paying all your bills on time this month then it probably wouldn’t have been anything crucial. You maybe would have gone to a couple movies or a few restaurants or maybe bought a few Amazon or eBay purchases… whatever you spend your money on. Or maybe the number in your bank account would be a bit higher.

But now, instead of that, you have this amazing experience. A story that could make you more interesting when meeting a new person. Memories with your friend and experiences you haven’t had before. For the rest of your life, when someone mentions the name of the place you went, you are going to have a conversation piece on autopilot.

That is exactly the reason why I spend money on travel! I don’t think there is a dollar amount that you can put on the learning, culture-expansion, and fun that you could have by seeing new places and meeting new people. Just my two cents…


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